A Mcmanigal
Dr. Angela McManigal


Dr. Angela McManigal is a proud Camden County  High School graduate.   She has been a teacher of English Language Arts and Social Studies at Camden Middle School and CCHS. Her fifteen years as an administrator have been with David L. Rainer Elementary and Mary Lee Clark Elementary.   About this new year, Dr. McManigal says, “I am extremely excited to work with middle-school-aged students again.  If you let them know you care about them, they will do anything in the world for you.”  A guiding belief is, “If students feel secure and comfortable in the school environment,  learning will occur.”  

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AP Dougherty
Dr. Leigh Dougherty

Before entering the field of education, Dr. Dougherty worked four years with sea turtle research and conservation.  She taught two years in Athens before moving to Camden County. Dr. Dougherty was a science teacher at St. Marys Middle School and Camden County High School prior to serving as a Technology Instructional Coach and Title I Intervention Specialist.  She currently is in her fifth year as an assistant principal at St. Marys Middle School where she works primarily with 7th grade students and teachers.  She enjoys swimming, fishing, reading, and spending time with her husband and twin daughters. 

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  	 	Administrator  Dr. Malcolm Fuller
Dr. Malcolm Fuller

Dr. Fuller has been employed with the Camden County School System since 1989 after acquiring a bachelor's degree from Armstrong Atlantic State University. He steered his way to a Masters of Education degree in 1994 from Valdosta State University while teaching during the day and attending college at night. He furthered his education at the University of Sarasota by receiving a Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership in 1997 and ultimately achieved the Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership May of 2004. Dr. Fuller has taught several subjects as a classroom teacher and has served as an assistant principal at the elementary and middle school level. He is a professional musician and at leisure, Dr. Fuller enjoys reading, playing golf and managing quality time with his wife and two daughters. 

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Mr. Wise
Mr. Grant Wise

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