About Us

Welcome To St. Marys Middle School

Home of the Bobcats and one the earliest Georgia STEM Certified Middle Schools (2018), St. Marys Middle School is known for our exemplar history of academics, extracurricular programs and community involvement.  With an average enrollment of 1100 6th -8th grade students, SMMS uses project based learning and hands on experiences to fully prepare our students to be capable, productive citizens. 


SMMS will ensure educational excellence in a safe and nurturing environment to prepare students for success in rigorous high school courses and ultimately, for graduation, transition to college, technical training or the workplace in order to become lifelong learners and productive citizens.

SMMS Expectations

Choose wisely
Act responsibly
Take ownership
Show respect

Our Vision

The faculty and staff at St. Marys Middle School are committed to the educational success of middle school students in preparation for graduation, achievement of lifelong goals, and contributions to society.

Our Mission

We will ensure educational excellence in a safe and nurturing environment where all students can reach their potential to become productive citizens.

Our Beliefs

  • Everyone can learn.

  • Education is a major building block for success.

  • Education is the shared responsibility of the school personnel, students, parents, and community.

  • Accountability is essential and applies to everyone.

  • Everyone deserves a safe learning environment.

  • Strength comes from diversity of people, resources, and programs.

  • Effective operations ensure a quality environment.

  • Students have the right to a highly qualified, motivated, and talented teacher who holds high expectations.

  • Progress comes from willingness to change.

  • Everyone will be a good steward of entrusted educational resources.

Our Philosophy

Because we recognize that the early adolescent years are a transitional period in which boys and girls possess unique characteristics and needs, the middle schools have adopted the following philosophy and objectives.
The pre-adolescent period is a distinct and crucial period of individual development—physically, intellectually, socially, emotionally and aesthetically. As the student passes through this period of all –encompassing and powerful changes, he/she is faced with the task of making significant progress toward becoming an independent person, of learning to work with others, and of organizing his/her knowledge of the world around him/her. Assuming the uniqueness of this period of human growth and development, a period characterized by immense variability among learners, we recognize the need to provide for the students in Camden County an educational program focusing on the individual child in his transition from childhood to adolescence.
The Middle School seeks to provide for pre- and early-adolescents a program that is relevant both to the student’s individual needs and to the demands of society in a world where there is constant change and a rapidly expanding body of knowledge. Our goal is to assist in the continuing development of self-directing individuals. The Middle School must provide an educational environment in which the child has opportunities for success. Such an environment must facilitate communication and interaction and afford opportunities for meeting interpersonal needs.

st marys middle school building from the outsides

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