Classroom Activities

7th grade students at SMMS are Soaring with STEM each Monday! In their mathematics classes students have used their mathematics knowledge, infographics, interactive scales, and research to calculate the time it will take for them to travel to Mars and their weight on Mars. We are so proud to show off their hard work!

SMMS would like to congratulate the following students as the SMMS CoastFest Art Show winners.

6th grade 1st place - Sara Tondreau 2nd place - Ashlyn Munro 3rd place - Hadelyn Shaw
7th grade 1st place - Teegan Aldridge 2nd place - Sofia Morente 3rd place - Elisa Owens
8th grade 1st place - Allegra Eldridge 2nd place - Brooke Moore 3rd place - Grase Rose
Best of Show goes to Kayden Grimm for her sea turtle artwork.

Long Tail Boats - Southeast Asia

Ms. Granger's ELA students supported their learning of South East Asia in social studies by researching information about long tail boats as they are a key factor in the agricultural and tourism industry. After researching, students were given a STEM Challenge to build a long tail boat out of tin foil, card board, popsicle sticks, and tape. With limited materials, students went through the engineering design process to build the best long tail boat. Students tested their boats in a tub of water and had a success rate of 87% of boats that floated upright.

Roller Coaster Design

A group of students participated in a STEM-based roller coaster design com-petition. Students explored the real world connection between potential and kinetic energy and roller coast-ers. Students created a prototype of a roller coaster and worked through the engineering design process to test and improve their designs. Students also created a presentation explaining their prototype and their vision for their final designs. On our final day, three guest judges came to hear each sales pitch and watch students conduct safety tests for their designs. The winning roller coaster design was The Sonic Twistaround. All the students worked very hard on every design and sales pitch for their roller coaster!"